Yasmani Diaz

In the spirit of "I'm not a native but I got to Austin as fast as I could," Yasmani's  journey to the Capital City is filled with all the adventure, intrigue, hardship, suspense and passion of your favorite adventure movie.  From a life with thread-bare opportunity but filled with the support and values of an extremely loving family, he is perpetually smilling, optimstic and deeply appreciative of the opportunity that comes with each new day.  Yasmani is a skilled and  devoted hard worker with an enthusiam and entrepreneural spirit set free.

His dedication to his work and customers is second to none.  His appreciation for free speech and the opporunities of a free market to work in is an inspiration to behold.  Attention to detail, dependability and getting the job done correctly are among Yasmani's greatest strengths. 

Yasmani enjoys baseball and basketball and is gaining a newfound appreciation for football.

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Barley Rice

Barley reflects the soul of Waterloo Fence and holds two extremely important positions with the company: Quality Control Hound; and Waterloo Pet Liasion.  Barley is a a ten year old Basset Hound and when he's not channeling his inner Eeyore, he's enjoying short strolls around the neighborhood (getting as many belly rubs along the way as houndly possible) and eating treats of all kinds.  His favorite song is "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" and favorite pastime is hunting rabbits.  Fun Fact:  Barley has a bed in every room of the house.  

Barley's basset hound ancestors date back to the 1500's.  Bred primarily for hunting rabbits they were the choice of the 16th century working man newly liberated from the French feudal system (and the more rotund members of the noble class) as no horse was needed to keep up the chase.  Bottom line, you can trust Barley with his reliable nose for quality and also to look out for your pets when it comes to ensuring they have a safe and secure outdoor space. 

Rell Rice 


With his economics degree in hand, Rell began his professional life as a research analyst in one of the most highly respected government research organizations in the country under the guidance of Texas’ infamous State Comptroller Bob Bullock. 

From research specialist to caterer to lobbyist to fence builder, Rell knows that customer satisfaction is the true bottom line of any business. He has a knack for understanding customer expectations, taking on the everyday obligation of doing what it takes to meet those expectations, combined with his true love of people.  When you do business with Waterloo, you'll know that everyone on staff understand that we all work for you and it's your satisfaction that matters most.

Rell has grown up with Austin since the days of the Armadillo World Headquarters and Soap Creek Saloon and is the proud father of two children and husband of 34 years to his best friend and wife. Whether he’s at the game, watching on TV or his laptop, Rell is an avid college football and basketball fan and will be cheering on his alma mater along with fellow Longhorns. Rell is a lifelong golfer and combines the passion for that sport with shooting a limit of dove every year near his hometown of Brownwood, Texas. Enjoy a backyard BBQ of wild caught salmon or pork tenderloin fresh out of the smoker; then you’ll be welcome and feel right at home at the Rice’s.

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